Something Sweet


Finally! The secret is out and everyone knows about the joy that’s been overflowing in my heart for the past few weeks. It has been so difficult for Daniel and I to keep the presence of our baby to ourselves. I’ve been bursting at the seams for the past six weeks, since we first found out. Now that everything’s out in the open, I’m planning on blogging the whole experience here. I know that not everyone will care about the small details of our adventure, but it will be nice to have this place to watch our little babe grow until I can finally spam you all with pictures of his/her sweet face.

To kick things off, I wanted to share the story of how we found out. It’s filled with more emotions than I’ve ever felt at one time in my entire life.

June 22, 2015, we were returning home to Augusta from our trip to Alabama over Father’s Day weekend. I had actually joked with my family about Daniel being a father (little did I know, I was right.) I had been feeling a little different and sorry if this is tmi, but I was about a week late. We had decided to start trying to get pregnant less than two months prior.

-June 22, 2012 is also the exact day that Daniel and I first met. So it’s just even more special to us now-

I really thought there was no way it would happen that quick for us but I took a test just to put my mind at ease. When I looked over at the test and saw the word “Pregnant” looking back at me, it felt like time stopped and I couldn’t breathe. When the world started spinning again, I ran frantically out of the bathroom yelling, “DANIEL, DANIEL, DANIEL.”

He was downstairs paying our cable bill over the phone. When he heard me yelling he just said “WAIT, HANG ON.” I stopped halfway down the stairs, just staring at “Pregnant” while crying and laughing at the same time. Daniel rushed up the stairs and saw the test in my hand. “REALLY!?” he asked (there was a lot of yelling that day) and all I could do was nod and then I started sobbing all over again. His next reaction was to high five me and then pull me into a gigantic hug.

Honestly, I don’t think either of us were sure what to do. I wasn’t even forming coherent thoughts until a few minutes later when I went into full blown hysteria. “Oh my gosh, Daniel. Oh my gosh, this is really happening. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING. Oh my gosh, we have a baby! How are we going to pay for their first car? How are we going to pay for COLLEGE? OH my gosh we have a baby. What if they’re lonely in there, it’s DARK in there!”

My sweet, sweet, patient husband just laughed and held me and told me everything would be okay. For the rest of the night I refused to put the test down. The only real, physical evidence I had to remind me that yes, this is real and yes, I have a baby in my belly, was that little plastic stick. So I probably spent about an hour all together just staring at “Pregnant.”

It quickly became my new favorite word.



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