hello, baby!

I realize that this post is basically four weeks late, but there’s a good reason. Apparently when you have an ultrasound done on the army base, they don’t print pictures or let you use your phone, you order a CD to be sent to you. So we waited about a week to get the disc of our ultrasound and then couldn’t get it to play at home! Finally, now that everyone knows about our tiny blessing, I brought the disc to work and was able to get a few photos.

Keep in mind, these were taken at only seven weeks, and I’m almost eleven now, but this is what our sweet babe looked like!

11868651_10153077977492896_1026861821_nThe morning of the ultrasound I was SO nervous and excited to see our baby for the first time. I knew that at only eight weeks pregnant (after measuring the baby they said I was actually seven) our sweet babe would more closely resemble a shrimp than a human baby, but I was so ready to see him/her.

Daniel and I met up at the Starbucks located inside our hospital for breakfast before my early appointment. I made sure to drink TONS of water since they told me if my bladder wasn’t full they wouldn’t be able to see the baby. Apparently it has to move out of the way? So I was gulping down as much as possible while snacking on a s’mores treat.

When we headed up to the waiting room I was so jittery. Part of me was so happy to finally see the baby and part of me was terrified that something would be wrong. I just needed to know. Finally, they called us back and I laid down on the table. My heart was pounding as the tech began to move the ultrasound wand across my stomach. I realized I was holding my breath, waiting for her to tell me my baby was okay.

She swirled the wand back and forth and back and forth and wasn’t saying anything. I began to think to myself, “Something went wrong, the baby isn’t there, it’s okay, don’t cry, it’s okay…” when finally I just blurted out “Can you see the baby?!” She replied with a simple, “Yes.” I was equally relieved and frustrated. I began to ask direct questions, “Are you measuring? What is that? Is that the baby?” The tech gave me the shortest responses possible and I decided I didn’t like her very much.

Suddenly the room filled up with the most beautiful tiny noise and instantly my heart soared. …wub wub, wub wub, wub wub… Our baby was alive!!

11872751_10153077984657896_284449476_nA real tiny living human being was nestled inside my belly! I looked over at Daniel and both of us had teary eyes and sweet smiles. Our baby was alive and well. That simple sound of a tiny heartbeat solidified the fact that we were becoming parents. Even though our baby resembled a small blob with a heartbeat, we already knew it was about to become the biggest part of our life.

Since then, the tiny bean has grown from a mere .51 inches to a husky 1.2in. To put it another way, the baby grew from a blueberry into a prune (soon to be lime). I’m planning to do weekly bumpdates starting in two days when I hit eleven weeks. Supposedly the bump is about to start showing!

Thank you for reading this, whoever you are, and for sharing in the little details of our incredible adventure (: I’m glad you’re with us.



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