Dear Daniel,

11922038_10153112136127896_1454216567_n I love you.

You’re everything I ever wanted and everything I didn’t know I needed. You push me to my furthest boundaries and encourage me to grow. You take me to get fried rice when you know I don’t just want it, I need it. You’ve taught me the importance of optimism and shown me how to stay faithful no matter our circumstances. You hold me when I’m sad and when I’m happy and when I’m everything in between. You give me ice packs and massage my neck when I don’t feel well. You go downstairs to get me iced water when I just don’t feel like moving.


You love me when I’m unlovable. You think of me in everything you do. You lead me in our faith and keep me on the right path. You sing songs to our child, still growing in my tummy, to make sure the baby already feels loved. You build me up when I feel like crumbling down. You leave me handwritten notes and tokens of your love, so I never forget.


You listen to my thoughts and my dreams and my problems. You’re my best friend. You make me laugh when I feel like crying. You understand me when nobody else can. You always, always believe in me. You feel like home.

I love you.


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