Bumpdate // 13 Weeks


~FYI~ I write my bumpdates at the end of each week, so they’re actually a week behind where I’m currently at. A few people have asked, so I just wanted to let you know (:

Due Date: March 3, 2016

Symptoms: The past week has been my best one so far, in terms of feeling more normal. The nausea is much better than it was before. I have been getting some really intense headaches in the late afternoon, so I’ve been trying to drink as much water as possible, which I read can help. I don’t want to take any medicine unless I just absolutely have to.

Gender: We still have seven or eight weeks until we find out, depending on when our doctor can get us in for an ultrasound. I still think the baby is probably a girl, but the idea of having a baby boy running around is also very sweet.

Name: We’re still pretty stuck on the girl name we have picked out. I’ve been looking at baby names whenever I get bored and I’ve got a few others I like but nothing fits as well as our first pick. As for a boy, we still have no clue, unless you ask Daniel and he’ll say “Michael Scott” (after Steve Carell’s character on The Office)

Movement: Our baby is definitely moving around in there, I just can’t feel it yet. Even though it’s way too early I’m so ready to feel those first little wiggles.

Maternity Clothes: Due to bloating and just being pregnant in general, none of my pants fit anymore. So I’ve been wearing my Bellaband every day. Too big for regular jeans and too small for maternity. I’m so ready for this awkward stage to end. I just want the cute bump.

Sleep: Still having crazy vivid dreams every night. I dreamed we had an ultrasound last night and saw our little one moving around. I think that’s probably because I’m just so ready to see our baby again.

Baby is the size of: I recently discovered that the Ovia Pregnancy app compares your baby’s size with small animals as well. So this week the baby was the size of a clown fish (baby Nemo?), a hotwheels car, and a sweet little Georgia peach. That teeny little handprint will never get old either, can you believe how small this baby is?!



Baby’s changes: This week our sweet baby formed vocal chords, fingerprints, and tiny teeth buds. His/her head is now 1/3 the size of his/her body (it used to be way bigger, so this is a good thing).

Best Moment This Week:  I had my 12 week appointment last Wednesday and I got the results back on all the tests they’ve run so far (mama and baby doing great) which was a nice relief. After enduring a particularly uncomfortable and awkward exam, Daniel and I were finally able to hear that sweet little heartbeat again. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that magical sound. There’s just something totally indescribable about hearing the heartbeat of your child growing in your womb. I can already feel this intensely strong bond between me and that tiny human in there. I love that baby so much already.

Missing Anything: Sushi, sushi, sushi. I think just knowing I can’t have it makes it worse.

Cravings/Aversions: Still hibachi fried rice all day. I’m actually going out to eat tonight and I’ll finally be able to get some! 😀

Health/Exercise: I found out at my last appointment that I actually haven’t gained ANY weight in the last month, to my extreme surprise. I just feel huge, and my pants don’t fit (as previously mentioned) but apparently it’s all just the baby and bloating due to the baby. Which was kind of a relief to me haha I still need to start doing some type of exercise though.

Mood: Lots of stress the past week. It seems like things are really getting to me a lot easier than they used to. I’m working on it though. Staying peaceful for the baby is good motivation.

Husband: I love him. Still talking to the baby and kissing the belly every day. I just can’t wait to watch him be the sweetest father to our babe.

Looking Forward To: Feeling some baby kicks, finding out the gender, getting a cute bump and not looking like I just ate a really large lunch.


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