Bumpdate // 21 Weeks


Due Date: March 3, 2016

Symptoms: Heartburn, of course, and crazy scary dreams that are probably from stress. These weeks are just starting to fly by. It makes me feel like I need to start being way more proactive or I’m going to never get everything sorted out. First on the list is finding a good daycare for our tiny tot to hang out in while Mom and Dad are working. Any suggestions?

Gender: A sweet baby boy.

Name: Slowly but surely narrowing down middle name ideas.

Movement: I’m convinced this kid knows karate. He’s woken me up twice in the middle of the night from kicking around in there, which honestly is just hilarious to me. I’m really treasuring those late night moments of just laying in the dark and feeling my baby have a dance party in my belly.


Maternity Clothes: The bellaband is really having to do it’s job lately. Maternity jeans are in my very, VERY near future.

Sleep: Like I said, with a baby boy going nuts in your tummy, it makes sleeping a little more interesting. I’m waking up throughout the night every night but it’s worth it.

Baby is the size of: A pomegranate, a baseball hat and a least weasel. I don’t really know the difference between a least weasel and a regular weasel but either way, it still makes me laugh. The animal analogies alone make checking this app once a week so worth it.


Baby’s changes: To be completely honest, the most interesting this week is that he’s working on creating his first dirty diaper. Kind of gross, yet weirdly cute (at least to me).

Best Moment This Week:  THE ULTRASOUND! The last time we saw our doctor, he asked us how the ultrasound techs were at our first appointment. I can’t remember if I told you guys about that, but basically it wasn’t a good experience. The tech we had couldn’t have cared any less that we were seeing our baby for the first time, that it was my first pregnancy, or that we might want to actually see the screen. My doctor said he’d had several complaints about the same thing and that he was going to talk to them.

This time, our tech was a different woman and she was amazing. The first thing she did was turn the screen toward me so I could see what was happening, and she explained everything that was going on. Since it was our anatomy exam, it lasted fairly long. Baby was somewhat uncooperative and was laying on his belly basically the whole time. We got a really good look at his spine, his tiny organs, his fingers and tiny toes. One of the coolest things was seeing his heart beating on the screen.

The tech kept trying to get a look at his face, and for a few seconds we actually got to watch him opening and closing his mouth. Daniel and I are pretty sure that he’s got Daniel’s nose, but we wont know for sure until he’s here. Of course, seeing his face and watching him open his tiny mouth made me cry.

He also started kicking at one point which was SUPER strange to feel his kicks and see him moving at the same time. It turns out, he was literally standing on my bladder and kicking it directly. That made a lot of sense to me.

All in all, the tech said that the radiologist and my doctor will have to review the pictures she took but he looks perfectly healthy as far as she can tell. He’s got everything he’s supposed to have. She said his head is measuring a little big haha so he’s measuring about a week ahead, but that it’s totally normal at this point and nothing to worry about.

12200633_10153228757857896_897419200_nMissing Anything: Nope.

Cravings/Aversions: With Halloween creeping up, I’ve definitely found myself eating a lot more sweets lately. But that probably has nothing to do with baby.

Health/Exercise: Feeling good!

Mood: Still a little overwhelmed by the whole daycare thing. I feel like once we get that settled I’ll be able to rest easier.

Husband: So, so sweet. He’s always trying to feel him kick and loves just talking to our little man.

Looking Forward To: Getting moved by the end of this month and starting to put his nursery together.


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