Bennett Daniel Gutierrez


his name means blessed // enjoying happiness; having a sacred nature; connected with God

When we walked into our gender revealing ultrasound, Daniel and I were completely prepared to name a baby girl. For some reason, we had the easiest time coming up with several options for girl names that we loved. One in particular had already risen to the top as our favorite and we were ready to name our little girl as soon as we confirmed that she was in fact a girl. God, of course had other plans.

As soon as we saw that our boy was a boy my head started spinning with names. Boy names had just been harder to come up with. Very few had ever stood out to me and I really wanted my son’s name to be special. I came up with a few parameters for our boy’s name. The name had to suit a tiny baby and also a grown man. The name needed to be unique but not weird. The name also needed to have a sweet meaning of it’s own.

For weeks I sifted through what felt like every boy name in the world. List upon list upon list and we still hadn’t found the right one. A few popped up out of the mix that Daniel and I both liked. We tested them out by talking to him and referring to him with the different names. None of them had completely felt right, though. Then one evening after Team Night at our church, Daniel and I were standing around talking to our Pastor. A few of our friends had offered suggestions for his name and I jokingly asked Pastor Marty what he thought we should name our baby. As I listed off the names we liked so far I finally got to Bennett. As soon as I said it out loud, the sound of my voice echoed back in my thoughts. Bennett. Daniel looked at me and said, “I like Bennett.” Pastor Marty did too.

On our way home from the church that night, we started calling our baby Bennett to see if it stuck. We had previously talked about Benjamin but it wasn’t quite right even though we loved the name Ben. I wanted his name to be something we loved but I also wanted to like whatever nicknames may come from it. Regardless of how many times you tell someone what your child’s name is, if they insist on calling Andrew Andy there really isn’t anything you can do about it. Bennett worked perfectly with that in mind. Daniel and I even call him Ben sometimes. We quickly realized that we had finally found the one.

I did a little background checking on the name Bennett and found out that it’s a derivative of the name Benedict which means “blessed.” When I read that, it just solidified the idea that our boy was meant to have this name. In the past year alone, I’ve felt like my life has been more blessed than any other time before. My life is overflowing with reasons to be thankful and this baby is the biggest reason of all. If there was ever a word to describe this season, it’s blessed. I love the idea of passing on such a beautiful meaning to my child. 

The middle name was even harder to settle on. We tested out a few names that fit okay but weren’t completely sure about any of them. I had mentioned naming him Daniel before but my Daniel wasn’t completely sure about it. After a couple weeks of searching for different names I came back around and suggested Daniel again. I love the idea of our boy being named after the man I love most. There’s not a doubt in my mind that Daniel is going to be the greatest dad to our son and it made my heart overflow thinking about Bennett sharing his dad’s name. I know that Daniel doesn’t take his importance in our son’s life lightly. Passing on his name is a promise that he’ll always be there and that he’ll always be someone that Bennett can be proud of. 

Just typing up this post is making me feel so emotional, but that’s nothing new. It’s just that my whole life, I’ve tried to imagine what my children would be like. Now I know that my first baby is a boy, his name is Bennett Daniel Gutierrez and I love him more than he’ll ever possibly know. 


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