Bumpdate // 22 – 23


So, I realize that I’ve fallen three weeks behind on bumpdates but YOU GUYS, November has been the craziest month of the year. I can’t even explain how busy I’ve been and honestly bumpdates have just been the last thing on my mind. In an effort to keep this somewhat relevant, I’m just going to include the past three weeks in this post and hopefully get back into weekly updates for weeks 24 and on. Thanks for sticking around and caring about this sweet baby (:

Due Date: March 3, 2016

Symptoms: This heartburn is trying to kill me. It doesn’t matter what I eat or when I eat, I basically always have heartburn at some level. It’s rough, y’all. Meanwhile sleep is getting easier. My dreams are still really vivid, but I haven’t had a nightmare in a while so that’s good.

Gender: My baby boy.

Name: Bennett Daniel Gutierrez (: You can read about his name here.

Movement: The bigger this baby gets, the more energetic he seems to be. The amount of kicks I feel changes on a daily basis, but he’s pretty much always wiggling around in there. A couple days ago I was in a pretty bad mood and just happened to put my hand on my stomach at the same moment he decided to kick my belly. I could pretty much feel his whole tiny foot poke out onto my hand and it immediately just melted my heart. It’s impossible to have a bad day when there’s such a sweet little boy hanging out with you the whole time. Especially when it seems like he’s trying to kick his way out of your tummy.


Maternity Clothes: I am officially 100% going to buy my first pair of maternity jeans today. Honestly, it’s way overdue. I’ve just been really stubborn about spending money on clothes I won’t be able to wear very long but I can’t wait any longer. The bellaband has absolutely served it’s purpose but I can’t keep making myself this uncomfortable anymore. My belly’s gotta have some room. I’ve also outgrown a vast majority of my shirts, especially my cold weather clothes from last year. I’ve got several tops that are flowy enough to still wear, but I’ll be investing in some maternity shirts in the very near future.

Sleep: No nightmares, and I’m pretty tired all the time so sleep is my best friend at the moment.

Baby is the size of: I’ve listed weeks 22, and 23 in order below so you guys can keep up with these hilarious little updates. You’ve gotta know by now how much I enjoy the animal references and these weeks definitely did not disappoint.

Twenty Two Weeks


Twenty Three Weeks


Baby’s changes: Over the past three weeks, Bennett has started sleeping in cycles (about 12-14 hours a day), listening to my voice and heartbeat and any loud sounds, and forming small capillaries in his skin that are helping him look more like a cute little baby instead of a tiny alien.

Best Moment This Week: Hearing his heartbeat at my last appointment (22 Weeks) and getting the ultrasound pictures back from our last one (20 Weeks). The way that our hospital does things is they aren’t allowed to print out pictures like most ultrasound places will do. We have to order a copy of the ultrasound on a disc which usually takes about two weeks to come in. I don’t know why the army does this, but they do. I also can’t figure out how to save the pictures from the disc, it’s really complicated, I promise I’m not just dumb. So, excuse the photo quality.




Missing Anything: Nope, everything’s perfect.

Cravings/Aversions: Not really craving anything really, other than the usual holiday treats. Hot chocolate is my best friend right now.

Health/Exercise: Every time I see my doctor he congratulates me on being “the best at being pregnant” haha my heart rate and my weight are right on target with where they’re supposed to be which is really encouraging to hear.

Mood: I’ve had about a billion and one things going on lately but I feel like my stress level has stayed really low and I’m pretty proud of that.

Husband: My favorite person in the whole world. We talk about Bennett all the time and I get plenty of belly rubs in throughout the day.

Looking Forward To: Finally getting moved into our new house and having all of this stress behind me.


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