Bumpdate // 28 Weeks


Due Date: March 3, 2016

Symptoms: Other than my new issues with back pain, things have been a little easier lately. My doctor confirmed at my last appointment that it is in fact my sciatic nerve that’s being irritated. There’s basically nothing I can do about it except take tylenol and do some stretches. Lets hope this just gets better on it’s own.

Gender: my baby boy

Name: Bennett Daniel Gutierrez

Doctor’s Appointment: This was definitely the most rough visit I’ve had so far. I went in for what I thought would be an hour long appointment that actually lasted almost the entire day. I had my regular checkup, we talked with Dr. Rogers, heard Bennett’s little hummingbird heartbeat, and everything was going great. Then I found out that I needed two different shots, plus a special one that required them to draw blood, and take an hour long glucose test. They were testing me for gestational diabetes and I had to drink 10oz of this thick, syrupy liquid that was lime flavored which somehow made it more gross. I was literally gagging the entire time. I couldn’t eat anything before the appointment and by the time we ran around the hospital to get everything done, it was past 2pm (I got to the hospital at 10am). It was miserable. But as far as I know, everything went great and I haven’t gotten a call so I don’t think I have diabetes haha

Movement: This kid is as active as ever. He’s starting to roll around in there, I think he’s finally beginning to run out of space. Every now and then I’ll feel his back or baby butt or his head poke out and you can actually see him moving from the outside. It’s super weird but also the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

Maternity Clothes: Maternity jeans and leggings. I’m starting to feel comfortable wearing tighter shirts over the bump lately. People tell me I’m cute haha and it helps me feel less like a giant mama whale.

Sleep: I’ve been getting incredible sleep lately, probably due to how tired I feel.

Baby is the size of: Look at that tiny hand!!!!!12421365_10153314083102896_401108424_n


Baby’s changes: Bennett is developing more fat and just becoming a chubby little baby. His lungs are fully matured and basically he’s just doing really awesome in there. I’m proud of my little boy.

Best Moment This Week: Christmas is definitely in full swing this month. Daniel and I have been running around like crazy, but it’s all been really great. This week we had some friends over for dinner, a doctor’s appointment and I had a Christmas party at work. Regardless of the craziness, having awesome people surrounding us is the biggest blessing we’ve received. It brings so much peace to my worried heart knowing that we have the best people surrounding us to love on this baby and help us get through this next season of life.

Missing Anything: I’ve been super content lately.

Cravings/Aversions: Not any over the top cravings. The only aversion I can really think of is the disgustingly nasty drink I had to choke down at my doctor’s appointment.

Health/Exercise: Regardless of the fact that I’ve been eating healthier over the past couple of weeks, I’ve gained more weight than I would have liked since my last appointment. My doctor reassured me that it’s normal and that I’ll have to add on some pounds during this last trimester no matter how I’m eating. He said I’ve still got about 20lbs to gain before it becomes anything to worry about, which made me feel a little better.

Mood: Beyond extremely happy.

Husband: I can’t even tell you guys how much I love this man. There’s no way I could do all of this on my own. Even though he likes to joke around and act like I’m being a baby sometimes, he’s always there for me. When I’m crying because I’m tired and hormonal and my back is killing me, he’s the one giving me a massage and telling me it’s all going to be okay.

Looking Forward To: Christmas (:


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