Bumpdate // 30 Weeks


Due Date: March 3, 2016

Symptoms: I’m definitely starting to struggle more lately. I’m out of breath all the time, my heartburn practically never goes away, and my lower back hurts almost constantly. Bennett is most definitely worth everything I’m up against but the word “uncomfortable” is starting to take over.

Gender: my boy

Name: Bennett Daniel Gutierrez

Movement: I can tell he’s starting to get bigger. Usually when he moves now I can feel it in more than one place haha so I guess he’s stretching out a lot lately.

Maternity Clothes: Fun fact- I tried on a pair of Daniel’s new jeans the other day and they fit me almost perfectly. I just couldn’t button the top because of my belly. It was a strange feeling having normal jeans on again, considering my pre-pregs jeans won’t even stretch up over my thighs anymore. Trying really hard to not be discouraged by this. I’m just hoping the weight doesn’t stick to me for too long after he gets here.

Sleep: Sleep is becoming a bit of a task lately. I get hot a lot during the middle of the night and wake up. Falling asleep in itself is a bit of a feat now. Usually as soon as I lay down, I can really notice all the aches and swelling and heartburn the worst. Still worth it, gotta keep telling myself that haha

Baby is the size of: A very large cucumber, a platypus, and a motorcycle helmet? I feel like whoever picked out the comparable items for this week was a little insane.


Baby’s changes: Bennett is now strong enough that he could grab your finger! I’m so proud of that little guy and I haven’t even seen him yet.

Best Moment This Week: Spending my last Christmas before baby with Daniel. It was a very chill holiday, which Daniel and I don’t get many of. We decided to stay in Augusta this year instead of traveling back home to Alabama which meant instead of driving around to different family events we were able to just spend time in our own home together. My mom came to visit over the weekend and brought us all presents from Santa. Even a few for Bennett, which we HIGHLY appreciated. I’m sure he’ll thank her once he gets here.

Missing Anything: I miss not having heartburn all the time, if that counts.

Health/Exercise: I don’t even want to talk about it. Christmas is not a good time to be watching your weight.

Mood: Getting a little more anxious the closer we get to meeting our tiny bundle of joy, but otherwise very happy.

Husband: Daniel gets more excited to meet Bennett every day. It was hilarious though, the other night Bennett was pushing his little head out against the top of my belly and I told Daniel to put his hand on top to feel it. He placed his hand on my tummy and when Bennett moved again, Daniel jumped back like he was grossed out hahaha he said it was too creepy to feel his little skull through another person’s stomach. I said, imagine how creepy it is to actually have a tiny skull inside your stomach. Creating a baby is weird.

Looking Forward To: The new year and meeting my boy!


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