Bumpdate // 35 Weeks


Due Date: March 3, 2016

Symptoms: The struggle is real. Over the past week I have fully entered the mainly miserable side of pregnancy. My hands and feet are so swollen that I had to take off my wedding ring, and none of my shoes fit anymore. The insane heartburn that has been with me for so long has somehow found a way to get even more intense. My stomach is now so huge that I waddle sometimes and getting out of bed to pee four times a night is much more difficult than you’d think. Bennett is getting way bigger too which means less room for my lungs to breathe and more of him squishing my bladder. Life is hard.

Gender: the sweetest little boy

Name: Bennett Daniel Gutierrez

Doctor’s Appointment: We had a bit of a scare yesterday which led to an unscheduled doctor’s visit. After lunch, I returned to work and experienced a few unusual symptoms. I called the nurse at our hospital to be safe and she advised Daniel and I to go to the hospital, since I’m already so far into my pregnancy. We’re delivering at a different hospital from the one my appointments are usually at, because they don’t have a delivery wing there. So, basically when I actually go into labor, my doctor and his team will follow me to this other hospital in town.

When we got there, they sat me in a wheelchair (which made me feel ridiculous) and took me up to Labor and Delivery. To my surprise, they had me put on the silly hospital gown and wait in a delivery room. I was then hooked up to a fetal monitor so they could watch Bennett as well. The whole time, Daniel and I kept talking about how surreal it was to be in that room knowing we’d be doing all of this again within a few weeks.

As I laid in the hospital bed listening to my little one’s heart, a strange peace came over me about the whole situation. It was the first time through this entire pregnancy that I felt confident about delivery. I started thinking to myself, “I can do this. I really can do this.”  The doctors were all extremely nice and we both felt very attended to. My tests came back fine and they said Bennett was looking “fantastic,” which is always good to hear. They told me I was having some small contractions, that I couldn’t even feel, but that I was showing no other signs of preterm labor, so we were sent home.


Movement: He is getting HUGE. I can tell he is really running out of space in there. Most of his movements are just him shifting back and forth from one side of my belly to the other. He doesn’t really have room to kick and punch anymore. I still feel hiccups usually at least once a day though, bless his heart. At our 3D ultrasound, they told me that he’s head down now, which is a big relief. However, that also means his little butt is now usually poking out at the top of my tummy and those tiny feet are still getting cozy with my ribs.

Maternity Clothes: Due to swelling, none of my shoes actually fit anymore. Some of them will still stretch onto my feet but are so uncomfortable to wear. So, I went to target yesterday and bought some flip flops. By the way, finding flip flops in February is not easy but at this point I don’t care what my shoes look like anymore as long as my feet are comfortable. I also went to get a pedicure last night which was literally the best decision I could have made. After spending a long day in the hospital for almost no reason, and not having been able to reach my feet for a while now, I’ve never felt more pampered. I’m so proud of these freshly painted toes right now.

Sleep: Ah, Sleep. If I were in a relationship with Sleep, it would best be described as “It’s Complicated.” I am exhausted all the time. All I ever think about is how long I have left until I can sleep. But when I do lay down, I can never get comfortable. Sleeping on my back is unsafe because Bennett is so big now that’s not a good position for him. Sleeping on my stomach is obviously impossible and sleeping on my right side makes my heartburn erupt like an angry volcano.

Thus, the only way I can sleep is on my left side. This doesn’t seem like a big deal until it’s three in the morning and my left arm is numb and my body is screaming at me to roll over but there’s no other position I can roll over into. Mix that in with getting up to pee a minimum of four times a night, plus my rising body temperature, and you get one overwhelmingly tired Alaina laying uncovered in bed with two fans and the AC on, sweating and crying and feeling miserable. It Is Pathetic.

Baby is the size of: A coconut, a mini-lop rabbit (adorable!), and a kid’s backpack. But who cares about any of those things when HIS HAND IS SO BIG!


Baby’s changes: Bennett is just about done in there. He’s got all five senses up and running at this point. Over the past few weeks, his brain development has increased rapidly, as well as his eyes. His hearing is fully developed and he can supposedly respond to certain sounds. His bones are hardened and he’s been practicing breathing and swallowing for a while now. He’s supposedly around 18 inches long and about 5 pounds heavy right now too. Not much left to do except continue working on his immune system and getting fatter!

Best Moment This Week: Oddly enough, our random hospital yesterday was a good moment. It weirdly makes me feel comforted after having a “preview” of what we’ll be walking into next time.

Missing Anything: Wearing normal clothes, not having heartburn constantly, being able to fit my wedding ring onto my finger without worrying if it will get stuck haha

Health/Exercise: We recently bought a Ninja bullet blender and Daniel and I have been making TONS of healthy smoothies. I’ve even been eating KALE. Who am I??

Mood: Confident, happy, and ready to meet this boy.

Husband: Oh, my one and only. The whole experience of pregnancy has brought Daniel and I even closer to each other than I thought possible. We’ve shared so many new emotions together over the past eight/nine months and it would be impossible for me to be any more thankful for him than I am right now. He holds me when I’m falling apart and he makes me laugh when I’m stressed. He tells me that I’m beautiful when I feel like a cow, and he means it. He massages my feet and paints my toes when I can’t reach them anymore. He feeds me ice cream and pizza when I’ve had a bad day. He’s everything and I absolutely could not do this without him.

Looking Forward To: Officially growing into a family of three.


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