If the past 39 weeks have taught me anything, it’s just how incredibly blessed I am to have Daniel. Through the morning sickness & sleepless nights, he’s been by my side. He’s encouraged me when I doubted myself, loved me when I acted unlovable, & selflessly gone out of his way to make things easier for me. He’s painted my nails when I couldn’t reach my feet & bought popsicles at 10pm because it’s what the baby wanted. He’s kissed away tears when the nausea wouldn’t leave & he’s done the dishes way more than his fair share. He’s assembled a crib & dresser all in one day & he’s massaged my ankles when they disappeared from the swelling. I may be the one carrying our baby, but he’s been the one caring for me. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life. So, here’s a photo of us from forever ago. And I thought I loved you then. ❤️


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