5 Ways To Make Mornings Less Stress for Mama

Mornings are hard but these five things help make mine a little easier. Run through this list each night before you go to bed, so that everything’s ready to go when your little one wakes up, bright and early!

Pack the Diaper Bag: Maybe I’m the only one, but for some reason packing Bennett’s bag each morning seems to take forever. When I get everything ready the night before, I can just grab and go.

Pick Out Baby’s Clothes: It’s hard enough getting myself dressed without spending twenty minutes searching for the lost match to one of Bennett’s tiny socks.

Pre-Fill Bottles: We usually send water bottles to daycare with Bennett, but when we’re out I’ll just fill his bottles with filtered water so they’re ready to use.

Portion Out Formula: Four months ago, before we were expert parents (yeah, right) Daniel and I would just pack the entire container of powdered formula. It was really dumb. One of our friends introduced us to the Munchkin Formula Dispensers and they obviously made life way easier.

Keep To-Go Makeup In Your Bag: All it takes is one blowout diaper and suddenly you’re out of time. If all else fails, keep some mascara, lip balm, and concealer in your bag. Just popping on those three products before walking into work will make a world of difference.


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