Loving Your Body: Pt. One

I’ll be the first to say it: this seems superficial. I can hear the critics now, “You’re going to tackle a complicated emotional issue about accepting yourself for who you are by suggesting a new wardrobe?” Yep! 

Your clothes can be worth so much more than just bits of fabric. I think most people can attest to the fact that a well-fitted, comfortable outfit makes you feel a million times better. I also know that after Bennett was born, not having anything to wear made me feel a million times worse. 

So, here’s my first tip for loving the body you have now. Walk into your closet and take a look around. If you’re anything like me, it’s probably cluttered with clothes too big and too small. There’s stuff in there you haven’t even looked at in years and shoes that hurt your feet. But somehow, every day you still wake up and think, “I have nothing to wear.” 

It’s time to stop holding onto those jeans you can’t pull up over your thighs. It’s time to toss out that oversized shirt that makes you feel like a slob. I’ll even give you permission to get rid of that horrible sweater your grandmother gave you three Christmases ago that you will never, ever wear. 

You may be thinking, “But I’m going to lose weight so I should keep the jeans,” or, “I do hate that shirt, but I don’t know what else will fit.” This is where things get tricky, because we’ve got to learn how to let go. I was exactly the same way and I never got rid of any of my clothes. I might have ended up on an episode of Hoarders if I hadn’t got it together.

One day I finally summoned the courage to purge the closet. Trash bag in hand, I started pulling things from the hangers and out of the dresser. Whatever I didn’t like went in the bag immediately and I absolutely couldn’t second guess myself. To make things a little easier, I decided to donate the clothes instead of throwing them away. I also gave a bag of some of my favorite things that were just too small to a friend who could actually wear them. 

Our bedroom was a complete mess until I got things organized, but once I had, I felt so much lighter. I didn’t have the super small jeans staring at me every time I opened my dresser. I didn’t force myself to wear things I hated just because they fit. Yes, I was left with a much smaller wardrobe, but it made getting dressed way less stressful and full of guilt. 

So, your homework for this week is to weed out everything in your wardrobe that you don’t like or doesn’t fit. It doesn’t mean that you’re giving up on losing weight if you toss the jeans. You can buy more as your size changes. The most important part of this is to accept where you are right now. Letting go of the clothes that make you feel sad or guilty is a huge step in the right direction. 

Next week I’ll be talking about how to find your personal style and buy clothes that make you feel happy. Even if you look like a dork when you laugh. 😉


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