about me

Hi, I’m Alaina! I spend my days with the love of my life, Daniel, raising our wild boy + learning to enjoy the chaos. When I’m not changing diapers, you can find me perfecting the art of winged eyeliner, hanging out with my small group, or consuming massive amounts of coffee.

We currently live in Augusta, Georgia with our two cats. We spend the majority of our time at our local church, where Daniel is on staff, and exploring our city. We’re originally from Alabama but were stationed here in 2014 while Daniel was serving in the Army. We fell in love with this beautiful city + decided to stay.

When our boy, Bennett, was born in March 2016, his nickname quickly became “Bee,” which inspired the title to my blog. It was also around this time that I learned how lonely motherhood can be. I felt like most of the time I was just making it up as I went along, unsure of every step I took. I hope that this blog can be a place where you find encouragement, community, and love. You’re not alone!

I’m so happy to meet you!



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