Modern Burlap: Crib Sheet

Modern Burlap has quickly become one of my most favorite brands. I completely fell in love with their swaddle blankets and decided to purchase a changing pad cover from them as well. My next purchase will definitely be a crib sheet, and I can’t wait! As with the swaddles, the changing pad cover is extremely stylish with a minimal design. The cover is made of pre-washed, organic cotton muslin that is machine washable and fits all standard size changing pads.

As you can see, Bee definitely enjoys hanging out on his changing pad. We take our changing-time as a chance to hang out and talk and make each other laugh. It’s always an adventure to get that wiggly boy cleaned up when he’s doing everything he can to slow down the process. For that reason, it was super important to find something soft for him to lay around on.

Milk Snob

Three things I love: stripes, neutrals, and my boy. This product covers all three, literally (sorry for the mom jokes).

The Milk Snob car seat cover is super lightweight, stretchy and breathable. It’s so easy to quickly pull over the seat before heading out the door. It protects Bee from the sunlight while helping to keep him cool in this crazy Georgia heat.

Bennett also fell asleep on our way to Target, so I pulled the cover over his seat before setting it in the cart and it kept him snoozing the whole time. Honestly, I wish I had an adorable little nap-zone I could just crawl into.

Babies get all the best stuff, don’t they?

P.S. This also works as an incredibly soft and stretchy nursing cover for any breast feeding mamas out there!

Nixi Lauroo

So, the thing about babies is that they are really, really messy. No matter what you do, your babe is bound to spit up and slobber and generally just make a mess. These daily clean ups require some tough burp cloths which is where Nixi Lauroo comes in. 

These burpees are the most durable ones I’ve found yet. They’re super strong and absorbent while also being soft and cuddly. As you can see, Bennett enjoys chewing on them in his spare time. 

They also sell the sweetest little bibdanas in various adorable prints. Bennett was super excited to get one with the Nixi Lauroo logo. They’re incredibly soft with plastic snaps on the back to keep it securely in place. 

If you’re in need of the perfect burpee, click here. They’re also having a HUGE sale so check it out before their premium prints are gone! 

Modern Burlap

I stumbled upon Modern Burlap‘s Instagram recently and fell in love. This small business is owned by two high school sweethearts with two incredibly cute little boys. Their products range from changing pad covers to reversible throw blankets and all of them are amazing. 

I purchased an organic cotton muslin swaddle with one of my very favorite bible verses, Jeremiah 29:11, printed on the front. Their products are all made with high contrast black and white images to stimulate brain development in babies (and also look very minimalistic and cool).

The swaddles are all pre-washed, breathable, super soft and machine washable which is a huge bonus for this mama. Although we’re not swaddling Bennett anymore these are perfect as a little play mat, lightweight blanket, or burp cloth. I also plan to hang it on the wall when he gets a little older. 

Order yours here and be sure to tag it with #MBmemories so we can all see your cute babes! 

Newborn Favorites


1) SwaddleMe: I am terrible with blanket swaddles. I can never get them tight enough, especially with a wiggly baby. The SwaddleMe velcro swaddles made life a million times easier for Daniel and me. Literally from day one we used these to soothe Bennett. He absolutely loved being surrounded by the soft fabric. We continued using the SwaddleMe’s all the way through three and a half months. They helped make the transition to sleeping in his crib much easier. Once he started to show signs of rolling, we decided to stop using the swaddle. Honestly I miss seeing him all wrapped up though. We called him “Baby Burrito.” // $25

2) Boon Grass Drying Rack: This is one of my absolute favorite things that we own. There are so many baby items out there that contribute to a cluttered house, and this is not one of them. The Boon Grass has a very minimalist look and comes in white or green (we have the green). It’s perfect for air drying bottles as well as breast pump accessories. We probably should have gotten the larger Boon Lawn just because I like how it looks on the counter, and we always have plenty of bottles always in need of drying. // $14

3) Gerber Baby Mittens: If your baby comes out with razor sharp nails like ours did, you will absolutely need these. Daniel and I were constantly trying to keep Bennett from scratching up his face and mittens were exactly the solution we were looking for. The hardest part was finding some that stayed on his hands. These worked great, but if all else fails, throw some socks over those claws and call it a day. // $6

4) Fisher-Price Auto Rock n’ Play Sleeper: Before Bennett was born, I knew that I wanted him sleeping at our bedside when we brought him home. I thought that it would make breastfeeding every two hours a bit more manageable, and I just wanted to watch him sleep. We thought about several different bassinet style sleepers, but we consistently had people telling us to invest in the Rock n’ Play. I am so glad that we did. Bennett spent each night in his sleeper as well as his naps during the day. You simply plug it in and turn it on and the sleeper gently rocks itself. The constant motion helped keep Bennett asleep, which helped keep us asleep, and that is something we were sincerely grateful for. // $59

5) Boon Clutch Dishwasher Basket: If you’re planning on washing your bottles in the dishwasher, this is an absolute must. It protects the nipples, and any other small parts from damage. I’d suggest going ahead and buying at least two. We started out with one and ended up having way more dirty bottles than we thought. Having two baskets ensures you’ll always have enough room to get everything clean, even with a full sink of dirty dishes. // $8

6) WubbaNub Pacifier: Bennett was never super into pacifiers, but when he was a newborn he would absolutely use one. They kept him soothed even when he was laying down. The little animal attachment is slightly weighted so that it rests comfortably on your baby’s chest without falling off as easily as a free standing paci would. Plus it’s just sweet to see your little one cuddling with a tiny fox. // $13

7) Enfamil Gentlease Formula: For any new mamas out there struggling with the switch to formula, it’s going to be okay. Trust me, I’ve been there. When we made the decision to stop breastfeeding I was so worried about finding the perfect formula that wouldn’t upset his stomach and would give him everything he needs. From the first day that we tried Gentlease we knew this was the one. He had no gassiness, and seemed quite content while drinking his bottle. The following days, his digestion got better, there was no fussiness, and he began steadily putting on weight. He’s still using the same formula now and we love it just as much. // $1.15 per ounce

8) Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles: We’ve loved the Dr. Brown bottles from the start, but the 4oz size was especially useful during those early days. When Bennett was only taking 3-4oz of formula at a time, it was pretty awkward holding the 8oz size bottle. The 4oz size fits perfectly in your hand while snuggling up to your newborn. The size difference is just a personal preference, but overall I completely love this brand. // $18

9) Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Bubble Bath: Obviously, I love this brand because there are bees on everything. I also love the quality of everything they produce. Bennett completely hates bath times, but he does semi-enjoy it if he’s in the big tub with either Daniel or myself. With this bubble bath, it adds some more fun into the mix and gives him something to focus on other than how much he hates bath time. // $11

10) The Good Baby Bibs: Every person with a baby needs these bibs. They are adorable, functional, well-made, and perfect for catching all that unruly baby drool. I don’t like traditional bibs for a number of reasons, and these are the ultimate solution. Bonus: they’re created by a couple with twin girls of their own, so whenever you purchase from them you’re supporting a small business which is always awesome. You can check out my complete review on these bibs here. // $12

The Good Baby


Sometime around Bennett’s second month of life he discovered that his hands were good for one thing, and one thing only: finding things to chew on. When I say that everything gets chewed on, I mean everything. From his toes, to handfuls of the cat’s fur (it’s a long story), this kid will literally put anything in his mouth. What this ultimately means is that Bennett is always covered in precious baby slobber.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetDaniel and I began putting bibs on him daily, to help cut down on the drool-soaked outfit changes but we never liked the way they looked. Each morning, Daniel spends about twenty minutes picking out Bennett’s wardrobe. When he has downtime, you can bet that he’ll be on the H&M app searching for some new outfits for Bee. Style is important in our household, even for four month olds, and his bibs were not making the cut.

Yes, it’t true that he is “Mommy’s Little Angel,” and a “Precious Gift From Above,” but we don’t always need that displayed on the front of his outfit. Especially when it’s completely covering his ironic tee and mini black skinny jeans. While scouring the internet for a solution I came across The Good Baby bibs and our lives were forever changed.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetThe bibs are made with a 100% organic cotton front and extremely soft polyester on the back. The first time I felt how soft these bibs were, I immediately just wanted to make a blanket out of them. Seriously, you’ll wish all of your clothes felt like this. They are surprisingly absorbent and won’t get soggy against your child’s shirt. One of my favorite features is the fact that they have adjustable snaps in the back so they fit most babies from ages 3 months to 24 months. Since Bennett has a pretty big noggin, and I’ve only seen his chubby neck maybe twice, having adjustable snaps is a huge bonus. Half of his old velcro bibs can’t even wrap completely around his neck.

There are three different color combinations, with four bandana bibs in each set. We purchased the “boy,” and “unisex,” sets and the bibs all look exactly the way they do online. I will definitely be buying these as baby shower gifts from now on. They’re durable, high quality, adorable, and absolutely necessary for any drooly baby. // this post was not sponsored.